Let's talk about the elephant in the room

New episodes every Tuesday starting Jan 23rd

Episode 1: The Wakeup Call

A new mom is woken up to realize how hard it is to feed her baby and how she’s suddenly aware she’s in a new mental state.

Episode 2: All The Things

Backstage the actors gather to chat about all the awkward and uncomfortable things that cause embarrassment for new moms.

Episode 3: First Night

No one prepares you for your first night home alone with your child. Suddenly things begin to be real as Fernanda takes the lead.

Episode 4: Gonna Pump 'Till Then

Many new moms are thrust into the world of breast pumps prematurely with a baby in the ICU. This parody of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" blends cheerfulness in the face of adversity.

Episode 5: Everything I'm Jugglin'

New moms are often balancing between two competing “responsibilities.” Genesis pours her heart out to the stage manager.

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Episode 6: The Rumble Tuff Song

Caleb’s got an idea for a new song that will spice things up for the show. The cast is not easily convinced.

Episode 7: "You're Doing It All Wrong" Song

The actors present an exciting idea: what if new mothers never again had to hear the "You're Doing It All Wrong Song" ever again?

Episode 8: Good People Give Bad Advice

Shouldn't you get a warning like a fiendish  laugh, a witches hat or an ominous music score when good people give bad advice?

Episode 9: I'm In There Somewhere

Remember that girl I once was who had courage and purpose? Where do I find her now? Genesis sings a powerful soliloquy as we step closer to opening night.

Episode 10: We've Got You

The director's wife straightens him out. "These complex challenges your actors talk about—they're absolutely true." She shares beautiful thoughts about what new moms want to hear. 

Episode 11: Just Breathe

Admit it. We always compare ourselves to others who've "Got it all figured out." Well, guess what—they haven't. This episode is a great reminder to reset your mindset.

Episode 12: The Elephant In The Room [finale]

Forever we've been dancing around the elephant in the room. Embarrassed, scared, and unsure of what we're supposed to do. The finale celebrates the new light.